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The Full Story

Hi! We're Ray and Bailey! We met in arguably one of the best beer cities in the country - Denver, Colorado. From there our love for beer and love for brewery hopping brought us to Here, Queer, Holding a Beer.


Bailey (right), a self named “beer snob” and Ray (left) who likes just good crushable beer, give you our favorite cities, beer reviews and which breweries are worth remembering.


Here, Queer, Holding a Beer started as a brew book to keep track of breweries we’ve visited, beers we’ve tried and to most importantly remember where we’ve gone! We figured we would publish a beer blog after having friends and family ask where we recommend in different cities. So, we give you the everyday life of Bailey, who prefers IPA's (the hazier the better), funky Sours and Saisons and Ray who's go-to's are Pilsners, Lagers and Kölsch. We rate each brewery on overall vibe with a scale of one to five, with three being an average “would go back”. We also keep track of what beers each of us try and any fun or interesting things about each place we go. We will sign off each blog post with our initial so you know which perspective it’s coming from!


Follow us on Instagram @herequeerbeer, to stay up to date on where we head each weekend! With Bailey based out of New Orleans and Ray holding it down in Denver, we love recommendations and new friends so please slide in our DM’s with places you want us to review or if you want to grab a beer with us!

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