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Bold City Brewing

Jacksonville, FL


Bold City Brewing

Bold City was another just average brewery visit. It was their downtown location so it was a bit smaller than the original I think. I don’t know for sure because we tried to go to the original location a couple times but they were always closed. The downtown location was super simple. It was located in an old brick building and the majority of the seating was just around the bar. They do brew a couple beers on site specifically for that location. I had the Juice Got Peels, Pale Ale w/ Lime and the Killer Whale Cream Ale while Ray tried the Duval Light Ale. They were all average and I wish the Pale Ale would have had more of a lime punch. This brewery definitely seemed like the locals’ hang out. We were the only ones in there who didn’t seem to hangout there every Monday afternoon. - B

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