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Lemonstreet Brewing Company

Jacksonville, FL


Lemonstreet Brewing Company

Ugh. We wanted to like this place so bad!! They had a decent tap list with multiple for both of us to try. The number one reason we couldn't hang around was because of a kids birthday party. I’m not talking just taking up a corner of the brewery for a little celebration, there were children loose and screaming all over the entire tap room. The party had completely taken over the (quite large) taproom including the darts area, the turf spot with bocce ball and most of the better tables. We couldn’t hear ourselves think over the screaming so we did one and done here. I had the Pivot Pivo (Pilsner) and B had the Smashing Lemons (Pale Ale) and the beer was good! The location was in a more industrial area with their own building, which seems rare for Jacksonville breweries. We’d recommend this place overall, we just had an annoying experience. We will definitely give them another shot if we’re in the area! - R

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