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Strings Sports Brewing

Jacksonville, FL


Strings Sports Brewing

This was our FAVORITE brewery of the trip. (So good, we went twice!!) It was a beautiful day and they had a ton of windows that filled the entire place with natural light. The whole vibe of this place is to be your neighborhood sports bar but with their own craft beer. They had a lot of light beer options which was a perfect way to kick off spring! They had a good amount of greenery and plants on an outdoor covered patio. Bailey’s favorite part about the brewery was the full size basketball goal that you could shoot around in! I had a flight of their lighter options including the String Music (Lager), Section 215 (Blonde Ale), Best Kid on the Block (Pale Ale) and the Wendy Peffercorn (Strawberry Blonde). They were all soooo good but I went with Section 215 when we came back the second time. Bailey had the Bullet Bob (Hazy IPA), Cinderella Story (Hazy IPA w/ Pink Boots Hop Blend), and the Southpaw (Pomegranate Sour). The Cinderella Story was her favorite. We could have hung out here the whole trip but had more breweries to hit! - R

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