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Arches Brewing

Forrest Park, GA


Arches Brewing

Talk about a brewery made just for Ray. This was one of few we’ve been to that Ray could order a flight and really enjoy every beer. The location is huge. A typical warehouse looking building from the outside plus a very large patio in the back. While the place was large the layout was weird. Their bar seemed to be shoved into a corner when it could have had a more central location, although it was centered between the indoor seating and the door to their patio. I had a couple of IPAs plus a Hefeweizen. The hazy IPA, Low Viz, was my favorite per usual. Overall, they didn’t have a bad beer and they had a very large menu. We will definitely return. My only negative comments are that I wish they were more useful with their space and the location. It isn’t near anything else. I also can’t talk about this brewery without mentioning the delicious pizza we had from the food truck there. Kalura Pizza parked on the back patio and served hand-thrown, artisan pizza fresh out of their oven inside their food truck. It was soooo good. - B

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