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Cultivation Brewery

Norcross, GA


Cultivation Brewery

Overall we really liked Cultivation Brewery. Our only complaint would be that they didn’t have a great selection when we visited. We stopped by right when they opened on a Sunday though and this place gets busy. So I don’t think their production is to blame for a lack of selection, they just sell out. We were there for about an hour and by the time we left the parking lot and seating area were full. The brewery setting is great. It’s an indoor-outdoor setup just like Ray loves. They have bars lining the edge so you can sit across from each other and have one person inside and one person out. Their patio was cute with turf and picnic tables. I had the Draught Tolerant, a Session IPA. It was good, nothing that stood out to me but definitely a good IPA flavor without the punch. I also had a Simple Habits Farmhouse Ale that was super funky. I don’t think I’d do more than one but it was okay. Ray had a couple of Continental Divide Cream Ales. It was good but hopefully next time we visit they have more selection for her! - B

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