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Dry County Brewing Co

Kennesaw, GA


Dry County Brewing Co

I had high hopes for this brewery and left a little disappointed. They make a lemonade vodka drink - in different fruit flavors like blueberry or mango - that you can get on tap at basically any bar in the Atlanta area. It is yummy and also dangerous at 9% ABV. Now back to the beer, I hadn’t tried any of their beer (I don’t think) prior to trying it here. I had a flight and I can’t complain but it wasn’t anything special. They had TVs all around and a projector screen with a game playing. Normally, we love this but here it felt too sports bar-y. I felt like it had lost its brewery appeal. It was also crowded and one group had set up a pot luck meal so it was definitely a local hangout. I don’t dislike Dry County but it wouldn’t be my first choice to visit in the area. - B

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