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Halfway Crooks Beer

Atlanta, GA


Halfway Crooks Beer

The second we sat down at this brewery I knew it would be one of my favorites. The first time we visited they still had strict Covid rules so you could only sit outside. This wasn’t a problem at all because they have a rooftop patio and its very unique. The top can be open or closed so rain or shine you can enjoy it. They have a TV up there as well as a bunch of picnic tables. Their beer is top-notch. They specialize in Lagers and Belgian-inspired beers so a lot of options for Ray which is always nice. I haven’t had a beer here I didn’t enjoy, they are all so crisp. Whenever we get asked about our favorite breweries in Atlanta, this one sits towards the top of the list. We have returned here a couple of times and will certainly continue to do so. - B

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