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Hippin' Hops Brewing, Inc

Atlanta, GA


Hippin' Hops Brewing, Inc

Sadly, this brewery did not do it for us. We were excited to check out the first African-American Owned brewery in Atlanta but the beer was not for us. There were a couple of things we didn’t enjoy. First, the beer wasn’t cold. It wasn’t hot but it wasn’t as cold as beer should be. Secondly, there wasn’t much carbonation. I had a flight and they tasted more like juice than they did beer. The flavor was there but without the carbonation, it wasn’t good. This brewery is also a seafood and oyster bar. We aren’t seafood people so the strong smell of fish inside was a turn-off for us. Can’t blame them for that, it just wasn’t our cup of tea. We did visit shortly after they had opened so I plan to give it another try soon to check for improvements. I like the vibes and what they are trying to do here, it just didn’t hit for me. - B

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