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Indio Brewing

Sugar Hill, GA


Indio Brewing

Indio Brewing is a tiny spot located in downtown Sugar Hill. They had five beers on tap when we visited but it looks like they can have up to seven. Ray had a Haze Pale Ale and I opted for the S7vn NEIPA. Both were okay and carried a strong grain taste and finish. We were a little thrown off as the Pale Ale seemed hoppier to us than the NEIPA. We rated this brewery a little higher because of its space. It felt like a brewery and was a cool place to hang out. They had a couple of dart boards towards the back but for the most part, it was just the bar and a couple of other tables. We liked the vibes here and will pay another visit if we’re ever in the area. They seem to rotate beers rather quickly so we could try something new. - B

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