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Monkey Wrench Brewing

Suwanee, GA


Monkey Wrench Brewing

Monkey Wrench was a little bit of a disappointment. I think I just expected to rank it higher than we did. Their beer menu wasn’t as well-rounded as I had anticipated. There weren’t many options for Ray and they didn’t have a beer that jumped out at me either. I wasn’t in love with the setup of their taproom either. You walk into a smaller room that has the bar and a couple hi-top tables, after ordering a beer there are double doors that lead into their ginormous brewery room and warehouse. From there, tables are just tossed out and you can sit wherever you’d like. I don’t mind warehouse breweries but they hadn’t put any effort into making the space cool. I will say it looked like they had a cool outdoor patio in the back but it was chilly on the day we visited so we didn’t check it out. They also had construction going on inside so I wonder if they are making improvements to the area. - B

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