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Sabbath Brewing

Atlanta, GA


Sabbath Brewing

Sabbath has been on our radar for a while. For whatever reason when we first moved to Atlanta, Sabbath was never consistently open. We tried to hit it after going to Hippin Hops which is a brewery across the street but was told by one of the beertenders that Sabbath is basically never open. The owner started it for fun and just opens when he feels like it! More recently has Sabbath had social media presence and consistent hours on their website so we took the chance! Sabbath is located in East Atlanta Village, a cool hipster part of town. Your typical warehouse and garage door feel with some “death” aesthetic sprinkled in. The whole dark vibe seemed a little half ass to me with a few melted candles and a creepy mural on the wall. They did have this gold Organ they were pouring drafts out of which was very cool. I had the Villager V.2 which was a Pale Kellerbier and Bailey tried the I am an Amateur at Everything (West Coast IPA). Unfortunately, there wasn't anything that kept us hanging around for longer than one beer. - R

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