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Slow Pour Brewing

Lawrenceville, GA


Slow Pour Brewing

We hit this brewery in Lawrenceville along with one other there on the same day. This was our first stop and we certainly could have spent more time there. The coolest part to me was their outside patio. It’s surrounded by hops vines growing all around including hanging from wires starting from the roof and stretching the width of the patio. It was surrounded by plants in every direction and of all different kinds. The day we were there the local extension office was holding a pollinator count event and the master gardener was in attendance. The inside is an old building with lots of character, rustic vibes, and original (i assume) hardwood floors. The beer was delicious and I would love to return to try more another day. I enjoyed a flight while Ray had two light beers - Cotillion and Southernality. The beer was better suited for my tastes but Ray enjoyed the couple she tried. - B

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