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Southbound Brewing Co

Savannah, GA


Southbound Brewing Co

This was our second stop on our Savannah Brewery crawl and they earned their 3.8 rating for good brews and meh vibes. Their taproom is right in their production facility as the whole thing is just one large warehouse. They have a bar right when you walk in and the tanks all behind it. I enjoyed it because I like to be able to see how big of tanks a brewery uses and things like that. This location definitely seemed like the local’s choice for a craft beer. They had a few award-winning beers and the American IPA I tried was good. Ray liked the Mountain Jam, a dry-hopped Lager. This brewery and Two Tides couldn’t be more opposite if they tried as far as beer style goes. Southbound did earn extra points for their brewery cat for whom they have signs posted everywhere warning that he is not friendly. Who doesn’t love a grumpy brewery cat. - B

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