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Stillfire Brewing

Suwanee, GA


Stillfire Brewing

StillFire Brewing is really rad and they seem to do everything big here. The taproom and brewery is huge, their beer menu and selection is large and their popularity is the biggest Ray and I have experienced at a brewery in Georgia. We stopped by on a Saturday afternoon and the entire taproom was packed. After following their Instagram it appears they maintain this popularity at all times. When we visited they had a Battle of the Brewers challenge going on. They each brewed a beer and you could order a four flight to try them all and then vote on your favorite. It was a fun event and Ray and I chose the Peach Czech Lager as our favorite. We split the specialty flight and also each ordered one of our own. We just wish this brewery wasn’t such a far drive from us so we could visit more often. - B

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