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Three Taverns Craft Brewery

Decatur, GA


Three Taverns Craft Brewery

The only time we have visited Three Taverns was at their 8-year anniversary celebration. It was $35 for 12 tickets, one ticket equaled a half poor, and two tickets were a full pour. The half pours were heavy so we drank a lot of beer here, but we also tried a ton of different kinds. The setup was cool, they had three bars and they were all serving different beers. I liked all of the beers I tried and particularly enjoyed their sours. They do a good job of providing sours with all sorts of flavors, plus they each taste unique. I really enjoyed the Skittles Sour and the Lord Fog - an Earl Gray Cream Sour. I also tried a handful of IPAs but I felt they all tasted the same. With over 50 on tap, Ray had plenty of different beers to try too. She enjoys the Prince of Pilsen, a classic pilsner but the Purcelli’s Pils deserves some praise as she ordered it twice and it was very flavorful. I’m glad we made it to this event because of the number of beers we got to try but I want to go back to get a better feel for the vibes when it isn’t overflowing with people. - B

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