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Two Tides Brewing

Savannah, GA


Two Tides Brewing

If I had a list of favorite breweries this one would be very close to the top. I dream about their beers on the daily but can’t quite justify the four-hour drive. It’s so good that we started and ended our Savannah brewery crawl here. The unique location, a house, and the funky types of beer they constantly rotate through on their taps really do it for me. When you arrive you walk upstairs to the second level of a house, upon entry you walk into what I assume was one day the kitchen (?) and that is where the bar is. Off of that, there is one room or you can make your way down the hallway to a series of rooms still in the layout of a house. Each room is decorated differently and has a unique selection of furniture and seating arrangements. I had a flight both times we were there. Their IPAs were fruity and packed a punch while their sours all had a unique flavor and really captured the taste they were said to. The one beer that stands out to me is the lemon and lime sour. Imagine a Sprite or 7-Up but as a beer - so weird but so good. If I lived in Savannah I would be in trouble with how often I would visit. On the other hand, Ray just had the Rice Lager when we were there, not too many beers up her alley. I cannot wait to go back. - B

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