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Wild Leap Brew Co.

LaGrange, GA


Wild Leap Brew Co.

Wild Leap has been our radar for a while now, but the location is a little far from us. We finally got to stop by on our way back from buying our new camper! (but that's a story for another time). The building itself is really cool and gives an old car shop/ garage vibe. They have beautiful rounded windows at the front and a lot of natural sunlight all throughout the brewery. They have an outdoor mini amphitheater that I’m sure gets a lot of action during the warmer months. Now, on to the beer!! They had a pretty good size tap list so B and I were both able to get a flight!

R - Gratuity (Light Beer), Local Gold (hybrid style Kolsch, English Bitter and American Blonde Ale), Superlager Pilsner (German Style Pilsner) and the Great Wolf Peach (peach cobbler Ale)

B - Chance IPA (East Coast IPA), ETA IPA (Transcontinental IPA), LMN ADE (Sour Ale) and Side Bae Double IPA + Simco (small experimental batch IPA)

I loved my whole flight, even with my wild card beertender pick “Great Wolf Peach” but I think my favorite was the Local Gold. It was really interesting since it combines a lot of different beer styles but keeps a solid flavor without doing too much. B loved hers as well but the Side Bae Double IPA was her fav. Juicy, solid, hazy IPA with a fluffy mouth feel. She also wanted to shout out the LMN ADE and it pretty much tasted like an alcoholic lemonade. We would definitely return back if in the area! - R

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