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Blame The Sun Brewing

Athens, Greece

Blame The Sun Brewing


Blame The Sun was our first brewery stop in Greece. We had tried to hit a couple prior on other islands but never made it. Blame The Sun was worth the wait. It was located outside the super touristy part of town, south of the Parthenon. The building was in a strip and a bit hidden. After finding it we walked into a small beach themed tap room with five of the their own taps and just as many guest taps. The only seating inside was a couch in a cute little corner. We sat outside where there were a couple of tables.

The beers were delicious. They only had five of their own options but it was a good selection for us. I started out with the Beach Bum, a tropical IPA and Ray tried the Puppenhaus, a Helles Lager. Next I tried a sip of their Black Flag, a Chocolate Stout, but it wasn’t the beer for me so I opted for the Shock Wave Pale Ale and Ray chose La Pelicita Italian Pilsner. All of the beers were good. I really liked the Pale Ale, it was a bit hoppier than I expected but that was a positive for me. Ray loved the Italian Pilsner. It was so crisp and very crushable. I liked the chocolate stout too but it wasn’t the right weather for it. I forgot to ask where they brew their beer at because the taproom location wasn’t large enough. We will go back every time we’re in Athens. We enjoyed the beer and the atmosphere, plus they have cool merch. - B

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