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Cerveceria Punta Sur

Cozumel, Mexico

Cerveceria Punta Sur


This was the coolest little brewery! We biked there from our resort in Cozumel and found this cool little hole in the wall brew pub. They had a smaller draft list which was to be expected but pretty decent flavors! They had an IPA, a Stout, a Citra Smash Pale Ale, an Amber and a Blonde. Bailey tried a flight of the Stout, Pale Ale, IPA and Amber Ale. The Citra Smash was her favorite. I had the Blonde Ale which was a family favorite since my dad, brother and brother in law joined us for the bike ride! We could have hung out here for longer since it was a gorgeous day but we’ve come to the conclusion that we like to hang around breweries for longer than most people. They also had a wood fire grill set up in the back patio for pizza and empanadas but we opted for the chips and guac for a little snack. Overall, this was a cool brewery to be able to check off the list. - R

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