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Strange Brew Taproom

Athens, Greece

Strange Brew Taproom


Strange Brew was always the first brewery that popped up when i was doing pre-trip research on Greece Breweries so we were excited to check it out. Luckily, it was only a couple of blocks away from Blame The Sun Brewing so we stopped by after our visit there. They had eight of their own beers on tap. One of which is the Jasmine IPA. I had tried the Jasmine at a bar in Crete, Greece and loved it so i couldn’t wait to try it on tap. I had a five-beer flight including: Jasmine IPA, Dr. Haze DIPA, Hay Joe Farmhouse Ale, Marmita Red Ale, and Four Horsemen DIPA. My favorite was Jasmine still, it was the perfect fruity IPA with the right amount of haze. I thought both of the DIPAs tasted the same. The Farmhouse was good, not super funky, but i enjoyed it. We both liked the Red Ale, it was well-rounded in flavor. Ray had the Chloe Unity Lager and the Uncle Jam’s Herbal Pils. She said both were good but liked the Lager more. I though the Herbal Pils was good, it drank just like a Pilsner with a tiny floral twist.

The taproom here was small and when I asked where they brew at, the beertender told me they are Gypsy Brewers, so they brew wherever they can get a tank. I thought that was interesting because they had a large distribution on the islands. The taproom was a long skinny room with a bar in the corner and a few tables scattered inside. It didn’t really have an inside/outside though, the outer wall was almost all garage doors. We loved the vibes here and our only wish was that we had a better view. - B

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