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Hopping Gnome Brewery

Wichita, KS

Hopping Gnome Brewery


Hopping Gnome is at the top of my list to visit when in the Wichita area. They have a quaint location with just a few tables inside. They have a couple of spots to sit outside too. There are usually about 15 beers on tap and they change often and always seem pretty focused on brewing with the seasons in mind. Last time we visited I had their Winter Wheat and really liked it. It was dark in color but drank lighter, like typical wheat beer but with a lot more flavor. The downside to them brewing with the seasons is that sometimes we’ve been here and they haven’t had a lot of options for us to enjoy. We haven’t visited in the summer but I’d like to so we could try out some of their lighter beers. We always seem to hit them in the fall / winter months. - B

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