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Elsewhere Brewing Drag Brunch

Elsewhere Brewing in the Grant Park area of Atlanta has quickly become one of our very favorite breweries in the ATL.

The unique homey aesthetic paired with a large beer menu always hits. They offer a really solid all-the-time selection of beers along with a couple of rotating options. They have yet to brew a bad beer and as of right now, I’ve tried every beer on their menu. But enough about the beer, I’m here to rave about their Drag Brunch.

Ray and I went to our first Drag Brunch at Elsewhere in December. It was the best show we had ever seen and the smaller space made it more intimate than any other we’ve attended. The host was hilarious and the performers were all unique and so talented. We even saw a Queen hang from the rafters of the brewery ceiling, drop, and land straight into the splits. Amazing.

After such an incredible experience the first time, we decided to buy tickets for the February show and gift them to Ray’s dad for his Christmas present. The February show definitely lived up to our expectations. We chose this one because it featured the same host we had last time along with a few similar performers. Again, she kept us laughing the whole time and the Queens showed out. Nobody hung from the rafters but there was plenty of dancing on the bar and splits all around.

Crispy Brussel Sprouts... YUM

For the brunch half of Drag Brunch, Elsewhere also earns an A+. Their menu is small and changes with the seasons. We have tried a few dishes from their menu but the ones that stand out to us the most are the Brussel sprouts and the french onion soup. We also always order fries when we visit. They aren’t anything special but the seasonings they use change with the seasonal menu so we’ve tried a couple of variations and plus, who can say no to fries?

I give it a couple of months (if that) before we head back to Elsewhere for another Drag Brunch. The experience is fun for everyone and the crowd every time shows it. We love that Elsewhere and Drag Brunch has been something new both times but always upheld the highest standards in food, beer, and entertainment. Due to the popularity of the show, Elsewhere is hosting Drag Brunch twice a month rather than just once starting in March! You can purchase tickets online and they will sell out so don’t wait too long.

Let us know your thoughts if you’ve been to or plan to go to an Elsewhere Brewing Drag Brunch. Better yet, invite us to come with you! Check out videos and more on our Instagram!


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