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Little Beer II

A Low Gravity Beer Event

Saturday, April 9th 2022

On a cold Saturday, Bailey and I went to Duluth for a small beer festival! Little Beer II was hosted by Good Word Brewing, which we visited for a snack after. The focus was beers 5.5% ABV or lower (specifically lagers, and small beers). If you’re wondering, yes, it was my heaven. We enjoyed our time but it wasn’t the best beer fest we’ve been to so here is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

It was laid out on the town green, downtown, in a semi-circle around a stage with live music throughout the event. After checking in and getting our map, we hit the breweries we’ve been to and some of our favs like Halfway Crooks, Three Taverns, Bierstadt (where we met in Denver!) and Two Tides. These are always consistent favorites so of course we had to kick the day off there! Now on to the nitty gritty.


Overall, the beer was super good! We tried a couple of new styles and a decent amount of brews. Bailey and I both have a list of favorites including overall breweries and specific beers.

Overall breweries we liked

  • 6s Brewing Company

  • Deciduous Brewing Company

  • Divine Barrel Brewing

  • Humble Sea Brewing Co

Specific beer we liked

  • Extra Hellos (Pilsner) - Charles Towne Fermentory

  • Escape from Lager Mountain (Rice Lager) - Flying Machine Brewing Company

  • Mort’s Trophy Lager (American Lager) - Trophy Brewing + Pizza

  • Ya Dyngus (Lager with beets) - Crooked Run Brewing

  • Rove (Farmhouse Pale Ale) - Fox Farm Brewery

  • Spaghetti Heroes (Italian Style Pils) - Dssolvr Brewing


The beer fest could have used a little more organization and better labeling. Some of the local vendors had their own tents so it was easy to see what breweries we were hitting. The others that weren’t local had a printed-out menu taped to the top of the tent making it hard to read and see what was on the menu. Additionally, we would have loved to see the brewery location listed on the menu since most weren’t from Georgia. We asked the beertenders but

a lot were volunteers just there to help out.


We felt the fest wasn’t worth the $65 for a few reasons. The main one was the HUGE waste of plastic cups. They didn’t have brew fest glasses which was a big disappointment. The organization was a little bit of a turn off, mostly due to having to walk in and out of the tents to see what beer we were sampling and what brewery station we were at. It was a lot of back and forth and a little confusing since most of the beer was coming from cans or unmarked coolers with no additional menu saying what they offered.

In the end, we were super pleased with the beer selections as there was a surprisingly wide variety and most we tried were delicious. There could have been some organizational tweaks that would have been able to make the fest run a little smoother. For the price tag, we would have loved to see commemorative glasses with the super cute logo!


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