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Ray's Birthday Beercycle

Greenville has been on our list of cities to hit for a while now. Thankfully, I am the luckiest girl in the world and Bailey surprised me with a trip here for my birthday! I had no clue what any of the plans were but that’s what makes it fun. We drove up on a Thursday, stopping in Athens, GA to hit Terrapin Beer Co. (brewery count - 1) for a midday pick me up. From there, we drove onto Greenville and hit our first night on the town. We dropped our stuff off at the Airbnb which was a historic home’s guest house! It was gorgeous, private and in a really good location in regards to downtown Greenville! (Airbnb Linked HERE)

We ate at Gather GVL which is best described as an outdoor food court with different local vendors ranging from pizza to hibachi to chicken strips & donuts - plus two full service bars! It was honestly one of our favorite meals from the trip! There was live music and tons of table and lawn chair seating. There is also a super cute rooftop patio.

From Gather we walked down to our 1st Greenville brewery of the trip, The Eighth State. It was a couple blocks outside of town in a little more industrial area but the walk wasn’t too bad. The brewery, as well as some offices, were located in what used to be a massive bakery. It had a ton of windows and was perfectly situated by the railroad tracks. Inside there was a small, intimate tap room with lots of plants (always extra points), a small beer bar and some tables. B and I usually sit at the bar if we can so we can talk to the beertenders about recommendations, the area, and why they like it there. We both got pre-chosen flights, mine was the Mid Day Crushers and Bailey had the Haze 4 Days. Our favorite out of the batch was the Rice Crispy BOI, a rice lager brewed with marshmallow. It tasted just like a rice krispie treat and was SO good. After, we walked back down the street and found #2, The Velo Fellow. This place was super interesting, it was an underground bar with pub vibes. We both got their pale ale, and tried one of their shots of the day.

Friday we got up and worked from the Airbnb until lunch when we hit our 3rd brewery, Liability. This one was my favorite of the trip. I love when brewies have an indoor outdoor bar, it just adds a sense of openness. It had a shared patio with a barbeque and gym so it was relatively busy without being slammed. Bailey and I both were able to have a flight which was served in an old-school tin lunch box. I could have hung out here all day but we had more to hit because right down the street was Double Stamp, #4. This brewery definitely seemed new and had a cool upstairs patio. The theme of Double Stamp is supposedly like the movie, Dumb & Dumber but I didn’t really get it. Bailey had the To Infinity and Beyond! And I had Holland Park Lager. Right next door was one of those cool suspended rope courses which I want to hit next time we go. Our 5th brewery was Tetrad which was also not far at all! Not as walkable since it passes a bigger freeway. Bailey and I didn’t love this one, it was hard to find and the parking was kind of a pain. We both had a beer and called it a day!

Now, for the Saturday beercycle. Bailey and I brought bikes from home because there is a paved path that goes all throughout downtown and is super accessible! Since most of the breweries are close to downtown, we decided to bike to each one. Our first stop (6th brewery) was one of our favorites, Fireforge. This brewery was also in what looked like an old auto shop which is something we liked a lot about Greenville. Most of their buildings were repurposed so it keeps its charm. I was able to get a flight and Bailey had their Punch Up at a Cotillion, a cream ale. We definitely could have hung out here for a while but we had a lot more stops to make! From there we biked over to #7, Yee-Haw Brewing Co. This is one of five locations and I would imagine they’re all super popular because this place was bumpin’. They had lots of tv’s including a huge outdoor screen, perfect for watching basketball. We’d come back here to hangout but not necessarily for their beer.

From Yee-Haw we biked down to Pangea Brewing, #8. This one was our first stop on the bike path but didn’t really intrigue us with their beer selections. It was a smaller brewery with some funky brews! We almost stuck around for the pizza because it looked delish. Right across the path was brewery #9, Southernside Brewing Co. This place was also really popular since it had a huge outdoor patio with an outdoor bar plus a really large indoor taproom with a split bar (my fav)! We had a couple of beers here and got some inside scoop on the Greenville scene. Our last brewery stop for the day was Birds Fly South Ale Project, #10. We sat at the bar and had a couple of beers while talking to some super nice locals who gave us recommendations for dinner and what else to do for the night! By the time we biked home, we were pretty exhausted but still managed to make it downtown for some dinner and one more beer.

Sunday on our way home we hit our last brewery stop of the trip, #11, Think Tank Brew Lab. We only stopped at this place to meet up with some new friends that reached out to us on Instagram! Hi Caitlin and Cayla! We loved being able to meet new people while in a new city.

Overall, this was such an amazing trip and we got to really get a feel for the city while being able to do our favorite things. Our top three breweries from this trip were Liability, Fireforge and Southernside! All of these we would hit again if we were back in Greenville.

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