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Birds Fly South Ale Project

Greenville, SC


Birds Fly South Ale Project

Birds Fly South is one of the first breweries to pop up when you Google Greenville breweries and one of the most recommended. They claim their beer style as “Progressive Old School Urban Farmhouse Brewing” and that’s definitely the vibes they give off. The Farmhouse theme is very strong throughout the inside and outside of the location. It’s large and has an area for live music in the back with plenty of picnic tables out front. They didn’t have much seating inside but we found a couple chairs at a small bar. They brew super funky beers so more my kind of beer than Ray’s. I tried the Apologize Less DDH Hazy IPA and the Houdini Logic Pale Ale, they tasted pretty similar just a bit more punch on the IPA. Ray liked the Fat Ma, a light Pilsner. I’d really like to go back here and try more beers. This was our last stop on the beercycle and I wasn’t thinking real hard about my beer choices at this point but I wish I had tried more of their Sours and Saisons. - B

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