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Fireforge Brewery

Greenville, SC


Fireforge Brewery

Fireforge was our first stop on our birthday beer cycle in Greenville. The brewery itself was conveniently located downtown and had a massive outdoor space with umbrellas and lots of seating. The building seemed like an old auto shop that was revamped into a really cool brewery. There were enough beers that interested me into getting a flight so I got to relax with the 80’s Sax (Lager), Leisure Services (Kolsch), Day on the Lake (?) and the Merry Mimosa (Brut IPA). All of them ended up being really good with the Merry Mimosa tasting like a beermosa! Super crisp and refreshing with a beer finish. I enjoyed it but Bailey finished it off for me. Bailey had a cream ale, Punch Up at a Cotillion - she should have opted for the pale ale but got swindled by the fun and flirty beer. This is definitely one we would frequent if we had the chance! - R

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