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Liability Brewing Co

Greenville, SC


Liability Brewing Co

We loved loved loved this brewery. It helped that we stopped here on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. We got to sit in the sun and drink some delicious brews. The location for this brewery was around a really cool courtyard with a gym and a barbecue place next door. It has a lot of natural light with an indoor/outdoor bar which I’ve come to find out is one of my favorite qualities of a brewery. Bailey and I got a flight each, mine of course on the light crushable side and Bailey’s being more fun and spicy. I had the Monsieur Le Maire (Golden Ale), Ultra Secret Enigma (American Light Lager), Feral Garden Gnome (Belgian Blonde) and the Stainless Steel Magnolias (Kolsch). I truly loved every single one of mine but if I HAD to pick it would be between the Kolsch and the Belgian Blonde. Bailey had the Yamature Hour (Spiced/Herbed Beer brewed with yams), Norman Door (Honey Beer), Dubbely Noted (Belgian Dubbel) and Carl Von Cloudwitz (Hazy IPA). Bailey saved her honey beer for last, aka her favorite. Another huge plus of this place was the brewery pups! - R

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