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Lot 9 Brewing Company

Bluffton, SC


Lot 9 Brewing Company

Lot 9 has a lot of potential! It was clean, simple and really personable. It’s located in what seems like a warehouse / industrial part of town and they use that in their decor. Everything was black with iron and gold color accents. The owner (we learned) hand made all of their benches and tables which was really neat. As for the beer, it left us longing for a bit more. They had one lighter option which was a Cherry Lime Lager which Bailey had in her flight. It was okay but not my glass of beer. I had the Ryes Up for Heroes (Red Ale) which was pretty tasty! I was hoping for more light crushable beers especially during summer but when am I not? Bailey had a flight of Milkstache IPA (Milk Shake IPA), Hurts So Good (Hazy IPA), Queen Sour, Rye IPA, and the above mentioned Cherry Lime Lager which was served on a super cool flight board. A fun fact that we loved was that all of their beertenders are Cicerone certified! It seemed like they truly wanted to know as much about beer to improve the overall experience for their visitors. Overall, this brewery had a lot of key pieces to a great place to grab a beer but was just missing great beer. We will come back in a couple months to see how they’ve progressed! - R

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