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Think Tank Brew Lab

Greenville, SC


Think Tank Brew Lab

Our final stop of the trip. We ended up here thanks to a couple who had seen our posts shared on Instagram by other breweries in the area during our weekend visits. They reached out to us asking if we would like to get a beer and we had to say yes. Shoutout to Caitlin & Caela, we were so excited to get their message. We are always looking for someone to drink beer with! Think Tank was similar to the others in Greenville - a great outdoor space and a large inside. The majority of their seating was outside at picnic tables but they also had a good hangout space inside with ping pong and pool tables. They even had an upstairs hangout area with TVs, perfect for watching a game and drinking craft beer. Our only negative about the experience here was the lack of beers on tap. They only had one light beer, we don’t remember if it was a Lager or Pilsner but they were pouring it straight out of the tank so that was fun. I had a Pale Ale & IPA, both were good and tasted like class Pale Ale style beers. We were told they usually have more beers on tap so we will have to try again when we visit next. - B

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