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Velo Fellow

Greenville, SC


Velo Fellow

I asked Ray what she thought about this brewery and she said, “That place was so weird”. She’s not wrong. The Velo Fellow is an underground bar that you enter from the street and walk downstairs into the bar entrance. It’s more of a bar than it is a brewery but they brew a few beers onsite and are considered a brewery according to Greenville Google searches. Anyways, super cool place, but we didn’t love their craft brew. They only had one available at the time and it was their Pale Ale so we both ordered one. Ray didn’t like it and I wasn’t a huge fan either. I’d say it was more of a traditional Pale Ale that packed a punch with a bitter finish. When we visited, they had an Adult Tipsy Spelling Bee event going on and it looked like a lot of fun, we wish we had known about it! The Velo Fellow is a bar that we would go to hangout but I’d probably just order a domestic. - B

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